(Drink it, get healthy and highest milk)

Best in the market Ca and phosphorus supplement for your cattle. VERDCA Liquid milk yield enhancer works best for your cattle by supplementing their feed with readily absorbable calcium minerals. The quality and quantity of milk produced are readily observable. A must have feed supplement for your animals, whether you are a small time farmer or a large scale dairy owner.Helps maintain normal calcium levels and appetite following kidding. Contain calcium and vitamin B complex, E and D3. Shatavarisubstance that boosts milk production during breast- feeding is called a galactagogue, and shatavari is commonly used for this purpose.shatavari is safe to take while pregnant or breast-feeding.


  • Milk Quantity & Quality will be improved
  • Prevents milk fever & skeletal weakness
  • Improves General health growth
  • Provides Immunity to the animal
  • Prevents Mineral deficiency
  • Ensures higher conception rate


Cow or Buffalo: 100ml per day Calves: 30 ml per day Goat/Sheep: 20 ml per day


500 ml, 1 L, 5 L, 10 L and 20 L 

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