Neroli Oil

Origin :

North Eastern

Botanical Name:

Citrus Aurantium/Citrus Vulgaris



Extraction Method:

Steam Distillation

Plant Part:

Flower Blossoms

Colour & Appearance:

Pale Yellow to Golden

Neroli oil supplier 


    Neroli essential oil is derived from the plant of Neroli and is used for external application and is very common in North Eastern.

Extraction of Neroli essential oil

Neroli oil is extracted from small, white waxy flowers of the bitter orange tree by steam distillation. At Verdure Biotech, the oil is extracted and supplied at a very reasonable rate all throughout the world it is a leading supplier, producer, and manufacturer of this oil. This product is supplied to different parts of the world.

Properties of Neroli essential oil

It is an anti-depressant and rejuvenates the entire nervous system. It is ant-septic and anti-infectious in nature. It is a watery fluid, yellow in colour.

Uses of Neroli essential oil

There are various uses of this specific oil as given under:-

  • Can be used for intestinal spasms, and colitis.
  • It is natural and used for massaging.
  • Anti-bacterial in nature and acts as a mood booster.
  • Regulates the digestion system.
  • Acts as an excellent massager and yields a good scent, and is used in massage.
  • The oil makes an outstanding contribution when used for aromatherapy.
  • Reduce your anxiety and stress level. The oil provides complete relaxation.

Benefits of Neroli essential oil

This is the following uses of this oil:-

  • Acts as a burner and vaporizer:  As vapor therapy, this oil is used in problems like insomnia, headaches, nervous tension, heart palpitations, anxiety, stomach upset and for boosting up the skin.
  • Anxiety: Researchers have evaluated that this oil helps in easing out anxiety, menopausal symptoms, stress, and estrogen in postmenopausal women. After, inhaling this oil increases sexual desires and reduces blood pressure.
  • Aids in high blood pressure: Neroli essential oil helps in keeping the blood pressure in control. If a fragrance of this oil is blended during aromatherapy or it is normally inhaled then it helps in regulating the blood pressure of an individual.

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