(Help keep Kidney active)

Kidney damage can be caused by infectious disease, nutritional issues, toxic substances, or a combination of factors.Gout occurs when kidney function has decreased to the point where uric acid (a nitrogenous waste) accumulates in the blood and body fluids. The uric acid subsequently precipitates as calcium sodium urate crystals in a variety of locations, particularly in the kidneys and on the serous membranes of the liver, heart, air sacs, and joints.Excess dietary calcium fed to immature pullets over a period of time will result in kidney damage that may lead to gout.

Calcium and available phosphorous levels in the feeding program and follow the recommendations for the age and variety. Pullet and layer feeds should be routinely analyzed for calcium and phosphorus.Antibiotics, such as sulfas and aminoglycosides, are eliminated from the body via the kidneys and are potentially nephrotoxic, particularly when water intake is restricted.Minerals and vitamins such as calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and vitamin D3 are potentially toxic to chickens. Chicks, however, are much more sensitive to toxicity, probably because their kidneys are damaged.


  • Due emphasis has not been placed on the health of most of the vital organs whilst selecting birds for egg and meat production parameters.
  • This paves the way for greater incidence of metabolic disorders.
  • The abnormal bio-chemical reactions can be due to improper functioning of the vital organs like the kidney, liver, heart and lung.
  • Removal of metabolic waste and toxic products
  • The function of kidneys is improved
  • Improve metabolic process of stop of uric acid, ban to gout
  • Overcomes from stress

Dosage Poultry

1ml/ Litter of drinking water


500 ml, 1 L and 5 L

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