(Layer Premix)

Intensive poultry production may generate a certain level of metabolic, social, environmental and disease stresses, causing sub-optimal performance and higher susceptibility to vitamin deficiencies. The contamination of the feed with mycotoxins and vitamin antagonists can limit or even block the action of certain vitamins. Any of these factors, ranging from the animals‟ genetic background and health status to management and the composition of the diet, can separately or collectively affect the need for each vitamin.

Vitamin A is essential for your health, supporting cell growth, immune function, fetal development and vision. Perhaps one of the best-known functions of vitamin A is its role in vision and eye health.D3 activity is required in order to support an adequate skeletal
development and to avoid leg problems of various origins. Layers production plays a vital role in food security of world’s population. In layers, several studies have concluded that a vitamin E supplementation between 125 and 500 mg/kg was necessary to alleviate the adverse effects of
chronic heat stress on egg production, egg weight, egg shell density and feed efficiency. To maximize absorption efficiency, the two layers provide dual action with the immediate release layer providing instant release of riboflavin and B12, and the modified release (e.g.,
modified release layer) providing a modified release of folic acid, biotin, niacinamide, pyridoxine, pantothenic acid and thiamine. The vitamin’s main function is as part of the bloodclotting system that prevents excessive blood loss due to cuts, wounds or following an operation. Vitamin K is needed to make a protein called prothrombin, which is the first stage in blood clotting and wound healing.


  • VERDVITA Layer Premix is produced as per requirement of Layer obtaining optimum productivity
  • VERDVITA Layer Premix is manufactured at the state -of- art facilibes and most modem technology of mixing is used to make
  •  It a homogenous premix.
  •  The raw materials used are of best quality and individual vitamins are tested for purity before use
  •  The controlsamples are maintained after every batch is produced and shelf life of finished product is measured periodically to check quality.
  •  By increasing the feed value, provides balanced feed for animals
  •  The content of feed is formulated according to the specific requirements of the animal growing phase that it provides a more healthy and balanced diet for animals than the other feed additives
  • Due to contain qualified preservatives; provides feed hygiene too.
  • Allows to the continuation of the high yield levels which is Obtained;
  • By decreasing the feed utilization it enable to reach to the target weight gain that we planed.
  • It reduces the transition time of egg production in Layers.
  • After using the product It causes to obtain the larger eggs from the flocks and reduces the dirty and broken eggs and the mortality ratio in hen houses.
  • Increases the egg yolk color and egg shell quality and prolongs the shelf life period.
  • Peak efficiencies are higher and peak periods are longer than the similar other products..
  • The eggs have attracted attention with yolk, albumen quality also shell quality and color as well as its brightness.
  • The egg inner and outer quality is visually attractive for customers.

250 g of VERDVITA Layer Premix per ton of feed

1kg 5kg & 20 kg

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