(Phytase Granules)

Phosphorus is the third most expensive nutrient in poultry production after energy and protein. Animal protein supplements are generally high in phosphorus, while vegetable protein supplements are low. Phytic acid as such cannot be digested by the animal. Besides containing Phosphate, phytic acid forms insoluble complexes with protein, starch, fatty acids and ions such as calcium, magnesium and iron. The bound nutrients in this complex are unavailable for the animal’s digestive tract. For this reason phytic acid is determined as an anti-nutritional factor. When phytase has hydrolysed at least 2 phosphate groups from the phytic acid, the phytic acid is no longer capable of forming this complex with nutrients. Phytic acid is found in many vegetable raw materials used in feed, such as corn and corn products, wheat, legumes, soya bean and other grains.


  • Growth Promoter and Improves the feed utilization rate
  • Replaces part of the inorganic phosphorous in feed and save feed cost
  • Releases phytate-bounded nutrition such as mineral elements, protein and etc
  • Promotes animal feed intake, daily gain and improve animal production performance.
  • Reduces the phosphorous discharge in the animal waste and lower environment pollution
  • Calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and copper are better retained in animal when feed supplemented with Phytase -5000
  • Improves gut health



Iit is administered mixed with feed at 500 gm.


25 kg Bag

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