Elemi Essential Oil

Elemi Essential Oil is made from the resins of the Canarium luzonicum that is mainly found in the Asian continent. Organic Elemi essential oil contains monoterpenes that are known for their Healing Properties. Diffusing Elemi essential oil provides you healthy and sound sleep.

The medicinal uses of Elemi oil can be traced way back to ancient Chinese and Egyptian treatments. We provide natural and pure Elemi Essential Oil that comes in a clear liquid form with a slightly pale yellow tinge. Our organic Elemi essential oil can be used to make different types of perfumes and deodorants due to its fresh and earthy aroma.

Natural Elemi essential oil is also used in manySkin care and Hair care applications due to its various therapeutic properties. Some of these properties include anti-inflammatory, tonic, stimulant, and Antimicrobial Qualities. It is said to have a positive effect on the complexion and texture of skin due to which it is widely used in numerous cosmetic applications as well.

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