Holy Basil Oil

Origin :


Botanical Name:

Ocimum sanctum / Ocimum gratissimum / Ociumum tenuiflorum


Labiatae (Lamiaceae)

Extraction Method:

Steam Distilled

Plant Part:

Leaves and Flowers/Buds

Holy basil oil is used for stress & anxiety. It is used for diabetes & high cholesterol. It is used to stir-fry dishes & spicy soups as it has a peppery taste. It is also called hot basil. It is used in Ayurveda medicines. It is the best home remedy for cold, cough & flu.


It is extracted by the Steam Distilled method.


It blends well with lavender, clary sage, cedarwood, thyme, bergamot, geranium, orange, rosemary.


  1. It is used for balancing hormones such as cortisol (the stress hormone)
  2. It is used for improving brain function
  3. It is used for boosting the immune system
  4. It is used for lowering inflammation
  5. It is used for improving energy levels
  6. It is used for improving organ and bodily system (such as GI) function


Pregnant & breastfeeding women should avoid it.

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