Peach Seed Oil

Origin :


Botanical Name:

Prunus persica

Extraction Method:

Cold Pressed

Plant Part:

Kernel or Seeds

Colour & Appearance:

Pale yellow to golden yellow liquid with Characteristic odor


Peach Seed Oil is obtained from the peach fruit and its scientific name is Prunus Persica. The consistency of the Peach Seed Oil is similar to the Sweet Almond Oil.

Extraction of Peach Seed Oil

The oil is made through a popular process called cold pressing. The pit is crushed in a hydraulic press under thousands of pounds of pressure, squeezing out the oil, which is collected and filled respectively. At Verdure Biotech, we manufacture 100% pure Peach Seed oil and supply to many leading brands across the globe.

Properties of Peach Seed Oil

Peach Seed Oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acid, oleic acid, and linoleic acid.The oi is also very rich in Vitamin E and is very low in cholesterol. It has a fatty oil content of 30 to 45 %.

Uses of Peach Seed Oil

This oil with a nutritional value of 100% has the given uses:-

    • As a very healthy cooking oil.
    • In confectionery.
    • As a base for skin oil and creams.
    • To treat extreme conditions of cracked, flaky, mature and dry skin.

Benefits of Peach Seed Oil

Apart from the diverse uses, this oil has various benefits as given under:-

    1. Good for greasy skin:Peach Seed oil is highly beneficial for oily skin as it helps in fighting with acne and many other skin problems. The oil solves the problem of open pores. Moreover, it does not clog the pores, which is the main cause behind acne. Polyunsaturated acid in the oil helps in the growth and nourishment of the skin.It can help old and papery skin regain its youth and elasticity.
    2. Treatment of hair: For hairs, you cannot find a better oil than Peach Seed Oil. One can simply apply peach kernel oil to one’s hair and scalp to get highly beneficial results. Directly undiluted form of the oil can be applied to the shafts of the hair and through the strands. The oil helps in fighting extreme conditions of dandruff.It should be mixed and applied with other carrier oils for best results.

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