Brahmi Oil

Origin :


Botanical Name:

Bacopa Monnieri(also known as gotu kola)



Extraction Method:

Cold Pressed

Plant Part:

Leaves, the whole plant

Colour & Appearance:

Sweet fragrance and natural greenish brown color

Brahmi Oil Supplier

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Brahmi Oil is a natural substance used since ancient times, specifically for making Ayurveda Medicines. The oil is produced by steam distillation method, which involves the collection of herbs in a base oil. With slow heat, the soluble nutrients pass into the oil and later are filtered. Basically, there are two herbs which are used to produce this oil.

  1. Bacopa monnieri
  2. Centella asiatica

Bacopa Monnieri improves memory and cognitive function and CentellaAsiatica helps prevent cancer but it’s not medically proven. It acts as a tonic to brain nerves as it contains neuron properties. Brahmi Oil, actually, is an infusion of Brahmi in any base oil such as :

  1. Butter Oil
  2. Sesame Oil
  3. Coconut oil

Clove oil is extracted by the method of steam and water distillation from the leaves, stem and bud of clove.

The chemical composition of Brahmi oil is alkaloids and sterols such as bacopasides, brahmine, herpestine, d-mannitol, hersaponin, monnierin, betulic acid, beta sitosterol, bacosine, luteolin, quercetin, apigenin and nicotine.

Common Uses
Brahmi Oil is known to bring a lot of health benefits and helps to cure the health problems listed below:

  • Alopecia areata
  • Anxiety
  • Dandruff
  • Epilepsy
  • Sleeping Disorders like Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Hair fall

Health Benefits
Let’s discover some more health benefits of Brahmi Oil.

  • Hair Care :A gentle application of Brahmi Oil on the scalp soothes the scalp and acts a conditioner. It prevents you from problems like itching, irritation and gives you strong and healthy hair. The oil benefits you in a number of ways.
    1. Enhances hair growth
    2. Prevents possible hair loss
    3. Prevents greying of hair
    4. Provides nutrition to hair roots, keeping them strong
    5. Cures Dandruff
  • Natural Sleep Remedy : Brahmi Oil is useful to have a sound and effective sleep. It also acts as a relief for the person suffering from sleeping disorders like insomnia. You can either take a bath in warm water, with added drops of oil in it or massage your scalp directly for 5-10 minutes
  • Calms Anxiety : Using a vaporizer or an oil burner, Brahmi Essential Oil can be diffused in the air to calm anxiety. As an alternative, deep inhale can also work.
  • Treat Ulcers : The herb Bacopamonnieri which is used to extract Brahmi Oil has the potential to make you rid of your mouth ulcers. It protects your mouth from the sting caused by the food.
  • Healthy Scalp : A gentle massage of Brahmi Oil on the hair scalp has various effective health benefits like:
    1. Reduces stress
    2. Promotes sleep
    3. Improves concentration
    4. Enhances memory
    5. Alleviates epilepsy
    6. Joint Pain Relief

    The anti-inflammatory properties present in Brahmi Oil help cure pain and inflammation in the joints and other body parts. The oil thus helps to deal with temporary pain.

  • Alzheimer’s disease : Brahmi herb has shown promising results in Alzheimer’s disease as it boosts cognitive function.
  • Solve Gas problems : Applying Brahmi Oil on the abdomen can help a person pass intestinal gas. This alleviates gas pain, indigestion, and upset stomach.

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