Liquid (Toxin eliminator)

Recent years poultry industry has crippled many times due to rising cost of feeds and emergence of new or re-emerging of existing diseases causing severe morbidity, mortality and economic loss. Immuno-suppression and incidences of mycotoxicoses are frequently encountered. Mycotoxins cause a great loss by lowering the production performance, immunity and health, and through increasing stress and mortality in birds. Impact of globalization on poultry industry has increased the competitiveness for marketing the safe and quality poultry products in world as well as in domestic market. The mycotoxins of most concern based on their occurrence and toxicity are aflatoxins, ochratoxin A, trichothecenes, zearalenone, fumonisin and moniliformin. The presence of mycotoxins in commodities is presently unavoidable.

In the tropics, Aspergillus is the predominant genus in dairy and other feeds (Dhand, Joshi and Jand, 1998). Other species include Penicillium, Fusarium and Alternaria, which are also important contaminants of cereal grains (D’Mello, Macdonald and Cochrane, 1993).


  • Acts as toxin binder and moulds
  • Increases water quality by reducing pH
  • Body weight in broilers
  • Increase egg production in layers
  • Helps in fast growth


Poultry and Swine

1 ml /1Litterfor 5-7 days in drinking water


500mland 1 litter

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