(Vitamin for optimum growth)

VERD-GROW is a growth promoter medicine supplement powder for poultry, cow, goat, chicken, buffalo, pig, sheep, dairy cattle, birds and livestock animals. Its perfect mixture of minerals & vitamins for cattle feed. Keep your animals healthy. Growth promoter is made of high-quality vitamins and supplements which do reduce moralities in birds. Growth promoter act as supportive therapy in molting, anorexia, fattly liver and early chick mortality condition.


  • Animals Growth Promoter is Made of High-Quality Vitamins and Supplements
  • Growth Promoter Medicine Effective in Vitamin Deficiency and Malnutrition
  • Medicines for Growth to Reduce Moralities in Birds
  • Growth Promoter act as Supportive therapy in Molting, Anorexia, Fattly Liver and Early Chick Mortality Condition



1.0 ml per 1 litter drinking water


500 ml 1L and 5 L

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