Carrot Seed Oil – Organic

Origin :

Daucus carota

Botanical Name:

Steam Distillation

Extraction Method:

Steam Distillation

Plant Part:


Colour & Appearance:

Pale yellow to amber liquid with a thin viscosity

Essential Oil Supplier:
Organic carrot seed oil is obtained from the seeds of the wild carrot plant by steam distillation. This golden-orange essential oil is a remarkable product for beautiful skin and hair. It is enriched with vitamins and antioxidants.
The Wild carrot plant, also called Daucus Carota is the source of the Carrot Seeds Oil. It is a flowering plant that is a member of the Apiaceae plant family. The wild carrot plant grows wild along the roadside and perhaps that’s why this plant is commonly referred to as weed.
Strength of Aroma: A middle note of strong aroma, Its warm, earthy, woody, and herbaceous scent has a soothing, refreshing, and grounding effect that is known to diminish feelings of fatigue, weakness, anxiety, and stress.
Blends With
cedarwood, lemon, geranium, orange, cinnamon, clove bud, grapefruit, ginger and mandarin.

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