Cedarwood Oil – Organic

Botanical Name:

Cedrus atlantica

Extraction Method:

Steam Distillation

Plant Part:


Colour & Appearance:

Light Golden Yellow

Cultivation Method: Certified Organic
Organic Cedarwood Essential Oil Supplier
Cedarwood oil is one of the most popularly bought essential oils. It is an extraction of cedarwood chips and sawdust that owns many therapeutic benefits and medicinal properties. Verdure Biotech offers competitive Cedarwood oils prices for premium quality.
Cedarwood is also known as Deodar cedar, grows to a height of 131 feet high. It belongs to the Abietaceae family.
Strength of Aroma: Cedarwood Essential Oil smells woody and sweet. It smells a bit sharper than Virginian Cedarwood Oil. The aroma is reminiscent of artificial mothballs.
Blends With
cinnamon, cypress, juniper, lavender, lemon, frankincense, jasmine, neroli, rose, benzoin, bergamot, and rosemary.

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