VAR-ACI Dry is important that poultry birds keep a low gastric pH, so they can activate enzymes which are critical for protein digestion. This low pH also curbs pathogens. Pathogenic microbes compete with the birds for vital nutrients in feed and grow quickly which higher pH leading to harm in health and productivity of the birds. By the use of VAR-ACI Dry Dry we make feed and digestive system grow and multiply pathogenic organisms, which increases the productivity immensely. VAR-ACI Dry ensures the growth of the animal and reduces the increase of pathogenic bacteria in the gastrointestinal region. The major purpose of using this acidifier is to improve growth performance and better the profitability in poultry production. Organic acids have multi usages in poultry feeds as they help in preservation to control microbial growth, reduction of the feed buffer capacity, inhibition of pathogenic bacteria and betterment of nutrient digestibility.


  • Improves the digestion, absorption and utilization of feed
  • Stimulates the activation of digestive enzymes
  • Less corrosive, completely bio-degradable and less stringent smell of acids
  • It creates acidic conditions in feed which controls the growth and multiplication of harmful pathogens.
  • Improves the appetizing of feed and which helps in improving feed intake.
  • Lower downs the acid binding capacity of feed.
  • Activity in Bird Effects on Pathogenic Flora
  • Acidifies all parts of the digestive region
  • Results in low intestinal pH, which reduces the pathogens like Salmonella, clostridium perfingers, Listeria and Compylo-bacter jejuni.
  • Acidification favors growth of acidophilus bacterial flora that prevents multiplication of pathogens.
  • Effects on Nutrient Digestion


Poultry and Swine .

1-3 kg per Ton of feed


1 Kg and 25 Kg

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