(Keep safety with vitamin E)

The naturally occurring tocopherol form is subject to destruction in the digestive tract to some extent, while the acetate ester is not. Much of the acetate is readily split off in the intestinal wall and the alcohol is absorbed, thereby permitting the vitamin to function as a biological antioxidant. Any acetate form absorbed into the body is converted to the alcohol form. Vitamin E absorption is related to fat digestion and is facilitated by bile and pancreatic lipase. The efficiency of digestion and absorption of vitamin E varies with dietary inclusion level.


  • High quality of eggshell
  • Combats free radicals in birds and enhance disease resistance
  • Improvement of chick viability
  • Helps to maintain and sustain the integrity of the structural tissue
  • Essential for growth and reproduction
  • Supports the development of the nervous system
  • Ensures vitamin E concentration in egg yolk
  • Enhances the nutritional value of meat and egg
  • It helps in better transfer of Vit E+ Selenium to egg and semen leading to improvement of egg quality
  • Higher susceptibility to infectious diseases
  • Retarded growth and impaired feed conversion
  • Fatal aberrant development of the brain (encephalomalacia – crazy chick syndrome)
  • Diminished fertility
  • Reduced stress resistance
  • Liver necrosis
  • Disorders of the cellular membrane



0.5 ml / L drinking water.


0.5 -1.0 ml/ L drinking water


500 ml 1L and 5 L

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